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About Us

Flashfire Designs is a website owned and operated by w3 Web Services, Inc.. The creator of Flashfire Designs, Kevin Nelson, started working in web design and programming in 1999. It originally was planned to just be a hobby, but over the course of time--having taught programming at Bellevue Community College, worked for a web design firm based out of Washington DC for 4 years, and some time consulting on Enterprise-level projects--it has gone well beyond being a hobby.

w3 Web Services now offers an array of services including:

  • Web Design
  • Web Programming
  • Web Hosting

The particular emphasis of w3 Web Services is in developing solutions for small businesses, churches, and real estate agents that will enable them to get their website up and running with minimal costs. By building applications that will help small businesses and churches manage their site easily and effeciently, and then including those applications as part of hosting, we believe that we offer a great service at even greater pricing.

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